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sheridanwilde in bibliogoth


As (I think) has been mentioned before, all BiblioGoth members are welcome to post book reviews at any point.

However, some BiblioGoths aren't signed up to LiveJournal in the first place, so I'm just making this post so you can put your reviews in a reply here...

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Neil Gaiman - Neverwhere

Length: 416 pages.
Fiction (fantasy mixed with today's world).
Average rating on Amazon(uk): 5/5.
My rating: One of my favourites.
Similar books you might like:
Tad Williams - War of the Flowers (749 pages, very good, only marginally let down by a fairly weak ending)
Neil Gaiman - Stardust (288 pages, slightly different setting, and not quite as dark)

I originally found this book because of Dark Omens. It was the first pure Gaiman book I'd read, and I have to admit that it's still my favourite of his.

As far as the story goes I'd be inclined to term it a fairy tale for adults. If you are looking for a book to help you escape from everyday life then I'd certainly recommend this (provided you can accept fantasy within your reading).

I've found the book to be gripping from the start each time I've read it, with vivid characters and the intriguing world they inhabited, largely part of yet distinct from 'the real world.'